Ms. Hank - Ceramic Mug & Pet Bowl

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Hi friends! So many of us have fallen in love with Ms. Hank and the adorable foster litters she helps care for. We decided to use Hank's likeness to support animal rescue agencies who work so hard to make sure our friends find furrever homes.  Rather than just asking for money, we decided it would be fun for us all to have matching mugs and pet food bowls with proceeds going to animal charities. Imagine - you can enjoy breakfast with your best pal every day, knowing you are supporting foster programs! 

Made of durable ceramic, the bowl is 6" in diameter and 2" high and won't slide when your furrend eats or drinks from it. The mug is adorable and standard coffee cup size. Artwork was donated by a young lady who loves animals dearly. Shipping is free.

We will collect orders through July 31st and ship in early August.  

Ms. Hank, who is also working on a book and a calendar, says HI! and sends her unending love!